School Resource Officer Program


The Londonderry School Resource Officer (SRO) Program utilizes a philosophy and organizational strategy that allows the Londonderry Police Department, the Londonderry School District, the students within that School District, and their parents to work closely together in creative ways to solve the problems of crime through student counseling, law-related teaching and law enforcement.  The Londonderry SRO program develops the relationships with students and the faculty within the school district.  In doing so, the Londonderry SRO Program hopes to bridge the gap that can exist between the school and the police department. The program also helps to create a positive attitude on the part of students towards law enforcement and adult role models by encouraging more citizen cooperation among students, their parents and police officers.

The Londonderry SRO program aims to reduce juvenile crime inside and out of the school environment.  This is accomplished through reactive methods such as: Diversion, intervention, school administrative punishment, and overall problem solving on calls for service. Arrests of juveniles within the school system are not common. The decision to arrest a juvenile for delinquent behavior is made as a last resort when administrative intervention measures have consistently failed or if the criminal actions of a student pose a threat to school safety. The program also uses a pro-active approach by giving preventative information to the public.  Students, parents, and faculty are given information and ways to approach issues such as: personal safety issues, crime prevention, and programs like Anger Management and Peer Mediation.

The Londonderry SRO program currently has four full-time Patrol Officers that are assigned to this program during the school year: Officer Dan Perry (Elementary Schools), Officer Sean Benoit (Middle School), and Officer Michael Tufo (High School).