The Londonderry Police Department has an Investigations Lieutenant, a Detective Sergeant and four Detectives who are responsible for following up on cases that were initially handled by patrol, or information that was directly provided to them by victims, witnesses, or informants.

Types of Cases

The cases may include:

  • Burglaries
  • Computer crimes
  • Drug distribution
  • Financial crimes
  • Missing person
  • Serious assaults
  • Sexual assaults
Detectives Working a Case

Juvenile Detective

Juvenile Detective Corey Ford is responsible for all juvenile cases (up to 17 years of age) which may include physical and sexual child abuse, delinquency, and runaways.

Police Evidence Markers


The detectives collect evidence, analyze crime scenes, obtain statements from witnesses and interview possible suspects to resolve the cases. The duration of cases may range anywhere from a few days to several months or longer depend upon the complexity and nature of the crime.