Death of a Loved One

"Helping You Get Through"

The Londonderry Police Department and the Critical Incident Management Team have printed this publication with the permission of DUNAMAI Ministries of San Diego, CA, in an attempt to provide those who have suffered traumatic loss with the most useful and up-to-date information possible. it is intended for free distribution. The information in this booklet was deemed reliable at the time of printing. Booklets are available for free at the Londonderry Police Department

We welcome suggestions and corrections. Please email Londonderry Police Chaplain Gerald Goncalo at  

We would like to thank Joe Davis, Chaplain for the Medical Examiner's Office of San Diego County, and the Executive Director of DUNAMAI Ministries not only for permission to print this information, but for his guidance and encouragement. We would also like to thank Dr. Mike MacIntosh and Dr. Mickey Stonier for their help and mentorship over the years Finally, we would like to thank Chief William Hart and Town Manager Kevin Smith. They saw the need to support the community of Londonderry and authorized the printing of this publication.

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