NH Certified Officer Recruitment

  • Are you a Full-time New Hampshire certified police officer?  We accept applications throughout the year and provide interviews on a continuous basis.

  • NH-certified officers can lateral from their current agency and depending on their total years of full-time law enforcement service, will start above the entry-level pay for a non-certified officer. See the benefits page for more information about pay.

  • Promotional Opportunities:

    • Detective - A minimum of 2 years with LPD
    • Sergeant - A minimum of 5 years Law Enforcement experience, 2 of which must be with LPD
  • Other Benefits:

    • Shift Differential
    • 13 paid holidays is an additional approx. $2,840.24 at “starting step”
    • Health and Dental Insurance (Dental 100% Covered)
    • Tuition Payments
    • Retirement Benefits
  • Specialized Units & Assignments (minimum one year with LPD):

    • Crash Reconstruction
    • Detectives
    • Drone
    • Honor Guard
    • K9
    • Motorcycles
    • Mountain Bikes
    • Regional SWAT (Southern NH Special Operations Unit)
    • Use of Force Instructors (Firearms & Defensive Tactics Training)

Ready to apply?

Londonderry, NH Police Jobs - Entry Level, Certified | PoliceApp

Questions? Contact Sgt. Justin Hallock by calling his direct line: 603-425-5916