Sex Offender Registration

As required by state statue (NH RSA 651-B), the Londonderry Police Department maintains sex offender registration files for all convicted sexual offenders living in Londonderry or out-of-state offenders working in Londonderry. The NH State Police maintain a list of sexual offenders on their website, which is listed below. This list does not include all sexual offenders; it only includes offenders who were convicted of offenses against children.

On the New Hampshire Registration of Criminal Offenders Search website, persons accessing the database are cautioned that the registry contains identifying information about the offense for which the sex offender/offender against children is registered. IT DOES NOT REFLECT THE ENTIRE CRIMINAL HISTORY OF THE LISTED SEX OFFENDER/OFFENDER AGAINST CHILDREN. IT DOES NOT CURRENTLY INCLUDE ANY OUT OF STATE CRIMINAL HISTORY. LAW ENFORCEMENT IS ADVISED TO NOT ARREST BASED ON INFORMATION ON THE OUTSTANDING WARRANT LIST. PLEASE CHECK STATE WARRANT FILE AND WITH LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY HOLDING THE OUTSTANDING WARRANT. To get a complete listing of offenders against children in Londonderry enter 03053 in the “Zip” code field and click on the “Submit” button. From the results you can click on the individual offenders name to view more information. You can also search by name or by street.

New Hampshire Registration of Criminal Offenders Search (formerly the NH State Police Public Sexual Offender Website) 

The Londonderry Police Department investigates all potential violations of sexual offender registration requirements and accepts all tips and information, anonymous or otherwise. The Detectives Division, (603) 432-1118, is tasked with the administration of the sexual offender registry program. Please call if you have any questions or information to report because, as always, your cooperation and assistance is greatly appreciated.  You can also submit tips Here

Sex Offender Q&A

Q: Are there rules governing where sex offenders can live?

A: Unless an offender is on probation or parole, then there are no state laws or town statutes prohibiting a sexual offender from living in any one particular place.

Q: What does the NH State Police sexual offender website list for information?

A: It lists convicted offenders against children, their addresses, the date of the conviction, the court in which he/she was convicted, his/her date of birth, a color photograph, and a physical description.

Q: Why can’t the police department tell me more about a convicted person’s criminal case?

A: Criminal records are private information that the police department cannot release.

State Court’s RSA page for the sex offender registration chapter can be found Here