Employee Complaint Procedure

Complaint Policy

It is the policy of the Londonderry Police Department to investigate all complaints of alleged employee misconduct, and to equitably determine whether the allegations are founded or unfounded and to take appropriate action, when a complaint is sustained.  We welcome both positive and negative feedback on our employees so that we may better serve the community.  Feedback is an important part of providing the best possible service while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism.  

 All complaints against the Londonderry Police Department or its employees will be investigated to include anonymous complaints. If an individual wishes to verbally report a complaint and not put it in writing, the on-duty supervisor receiving the complaint will fill out an employee complaint form detailing as much information as possible and forward to the Watch Commander. Although anonymous complaints can be difficult to investigate, the Londonderry Police Department will carefully review each complaint for validity.

 All complaints will be investigated, and all complainants advised of the outcome of any investigations.      

How to file a complaint

You may contact an on-duty supervisor at any time to make a formal complaint in person or by phone.  They will assist you with information and any steps needed to file a formal complaint on any of our department employees.  

A complaint will be addressed whenever a person brings information to the attention of a member of this Department concerning any police action or inaction that the citizen considers to be contrary to law, proper procedure, good order, or in some other manner prejudicial to the citizen, the police department, or to the community.

 Note:  A complaint will not be accepted when it involves only the citizen’s contention that he/she is innocent of a charge placed against him/her by an officer. In such cases, the citizen will be directed to the appropriate avenues relative to the court adjudication process.


Investigation outcomes

Sustained – this means that there is sufficient evidence to prove that an employee's conduct resulted in a violation of department rules, regulations, and procedures or local, state or federal law.

Not sustained – this means that the investigation failed to either prove or disprove the allegation.

Unfounded – this means that the investigation indicated by a preponderance of the evidence, that the alleged act did not occur.

Exonerated – this means that the alleged act did occur, but it was justified, legal, and proper under the circumstances.

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