Records Bureau

Our Records Bureau is regularly staffed Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

In all situations, it is best to call before coming to the station so that we can confirm whether or not we can facilitate your request. While we can assist many, if not most of your records needs, some records can only be obtained through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), or NH State Police in Concord.

Services We Provide:

Copies of State of NH Accident Reports

Accident reports filed by Londonderry Police Officers that occurred in Londonderry are available through Records at no charge. The report will include a copy of the state accident form, officer’s narrative, and photos we took from the scene (if any).  Some information like an operator’s date of birth and telephone number will be redacted, but all information that is required by law (NH RSA 264:25) will be available.  If you call in advance, a records professional will let you know if the report is available and if so, can have it ready and waiting for you.  

For accidents that occurred in other communities, you can obtain NH Accident Reports from the NH DMV.  Please visit their website here for additional information.  You can obtain copies in person or by mailing in the required forms and we encourage you to visit their website or call before going to the DMV.  Call them at (603)227-4040 or email questions to  

Police Incident & Arrest Reports 

Police incident and arrest reports filed by Londonderry Police Officers are available from Records at no charge. Please note that cases currently under investigation or prosecution will not be released.  

If you are a defendant in a case, you will need to file for discovery through your attorney or by submitting a written request to our prosecutor, Attorney Chelsea Pande.  She can be reached at (603)432-1102 and please be sure to leave your full name, case number, and telephone number if you get his voicemail; she will return your phone call as soon as possible.  For additional assistance on filing for discovery, please visit the NH Judicial Branch’s website for Rules of Criminal Procedure (specifically Rule 12), or consult with an attorney.

Resident Fingerprint Cards

The Records Bureau can assist with fingerprints if you are a Londonderry resident.  If your employer (regardless of their physical location) requires that you complete a set of “ink” fingerprint cards for employment and you reside in Londonderry, please first come to the Records Department window to receive a “receipt” that must be paid next door at the Londonderry Town Hall in the Town Clerk’s Office.  Once you have paid for your ink card(s), you can come back to the police station and an officer will take your fingerprints.  The cost is $5 per card (we do not provide the cards).  

Non-resident Fingerprint Cards 

Non-resident fingerprint cards can be completed by contacting the NH State Police Criminal Records Division located at 33 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03301 (603)223-3867.  They offer LiveScan (electronic) finger printing stations around the state to include the NH DMV in Manchester, NH as well as at several State Police Troop stations.  Please call (603)223-3867 to schedule an appointment for a location convenient to you, or visit their website here.

Pistol Permits  

On February 22, 2017 Gov. Sununu signed into law Senate Bill 12, also known as the Constitutional Carry law, which amended NH RSA 159:6 and allows persons to carry loaded, concealed firearms without a permit unless otherwise prohibited by law (i.e. persons subject to domestic violence or restraining orders, felons, etc.).  However, you may still make application for a NH pistol permit should you desire.  You can obtain a NH pistol permit application at the Londonderry Police Department from the Main Desk and Records windows or by visiting the Department of Safety website and completing the form. There is a $10 fee.  

NH pistol permits are recognized in more than 20 other states, which is why some people still apply for permits here in NH.  The above link also provides you with a list of states who honor NH’s pistol permits.

Services We Do Not Provide:

Criminal Records requests must be submitted to the NH State Police Criminal Records Division in Concord, NH.  Please follow this link for additional information or call (603)223-3867.

Motor Vehicle Histories and Records can be obtained from the NH DMV in Concord, NH.  Please visit their website or call (603)227-4000.  Some records requests may be completed online right from your home or smart phone.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does it take for an officer to complete a report?

A: Most reports are completed within 2-3 shifts and are then submitted for approval to the officer’s immediate supervisor.  Once approved, the reports go the Records Department for final processing.  Investigations that are more complicated will often times take longer.  If you need to check on the status of your case/report, please call the Records Department or the investigating officer.  Each LPD employee has his/her own voicemail-box which is accessible 24/7/365.

Q: My driver’s license and vehicle’s license plates were seized on a traffic stop. How do I get them back?

A: If your license and/or license plates were seized because they were revoked or suspended, they are sent back to the DMV the very next business day.  Once you clear the default on your license or license plates, then the DMV will re-issue them to you.  If you would like to check if your license or license plates have been sent to the DMV, please contact the Records Department during business hours.

Visit the NH Judicial Branch Website for more frequently asked questions.