Mission, Vision & Motto

A clearly defined mission, vision and motto will help ensure that our officers know their daily mission, and fully understand that path along which our department wants to progress. By living the motto of Expect Excellence, our department's culture and identity will strengthen; not only internally, but with the members of the community as well.

Mission: The purpose of a mission statement is to define the present state and purpose of an organization.

"To protect with courage and vigilance. To serve with professionalism, honor and dignity."

Vision: The purpose of a vision statement is to express the aspirations and goals of an organization.

"To be the model agency in modern day law enforcement, through an expectation of excellence, a commitment to innovation and community, and a devotion to unparalleled service."

Motto: A short phrase chosen to encapsulate the beliefs or ideals that guide that organization.

"Expect Excellence"