Airport Division

About the Airport

In July of 2006, the Londonderry Police Department took over responsibility for Law Enforcement services at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. 12 patrol officers and 5 Sergeants make up the Division commanded by a Captain. The service is provided by a three-year airport contract with extensions up to 2025 that has no tax impact on Londonderry residents. In fact, the Airport pays a 10% administrative fee to the Town, which benefits the citizens.

The Manchester-Boston Regional Airport lies mostly within the Town of Londonderry, There is a need to have a dedicated police presence at the airport due to the current and ever-present terrorist threat, along with the need to protect and serve a large number of businesses, travelers, workers, and airport employees. The facility that is policed is comprised of two active runways, numerous taxiways and service roads, businesses on airport property, parking facilities, and a modern passenger terminal. In total, the area policed is in excess of 1,500 acres, along with miles and miles of roadways.

Role of this Division

The role of the Division is two-fold: One is that police officers assigned to the Airport are required to provide all of the services that are "typical" of police officers everywhere. These include day-to-day duties such as enforcement of the motor vehicle laws of the State of New Hampshire, and of the New Hampshire Criminal code. Police assigned to the Airport conduct investigations, make criminal arrests, intercede in various disturbances, and maintain a visible presence throughout the entire facility.

The second role is to provide services that are more airport-specific such as supporting the Transportation Security Administration officers in their mission, patrolling the interior perimeter of the Airport adjacent to the runways and taxiways, and remaining vigilant to the fact that airports throughout the world are at present still subject to the very real possibility of coming under terrorist attack.

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